HOLLYWOOD - NOVEMBER 14: **EXCLUSIVE** Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore at Disney's "TANGLED" World Premiere at the El Capitan Theatre on November 14, 2010 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Eric Charbonneau/Invision/AP Images) In the Media

Mandy Moore says Ex-husband is controlling and abusive

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Mandy Moore who was married to Ryan Adams for 7 years is now opening up about what her ex-husband was doing during their

She said that he used his position in the industry to control her music career and hinder it when they were both together.
They starting dating on 2007 and were married from 2009 until 2016.

Moore said that he offered to work with on her album, making him have control over other producers and managers. It was actually what made him have a control over her career in the music industry earlier on.

Of course, Adams, through his lawyer denies the accusation saying it is “completely inconsistent with his view of [it].” He added that he was supportive of her “well-deserved professional success.”

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