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March’s Hottest CYO!

This month, the pose Summer is taking Diva Chix by a storm! There are many different outfits for this pose, each as hot as the other!
Check out some of the lovely items we have discovered for this pose! What are your favorite items for summer? If you know of any hidden gems, please make sure you let us know!

Dress 1: prints2rose – swish: http://www.divachix.com/usershopview_2277958_5467.shtml
Hair 1: RSPS Gala H15 – kasiopeya: http://www.divachix.com/usershopview_2277187_3732.shtml

Dress 2: 0225africandr2aa – jacroc1999: http://www.divachix.com/usershopview_2280279_235.shtml
Hair 2: hair 2 5 – synoopie: http://www.divachix.com/usershopview_2293343_2913.shtml

Dress 3: 0423goddesg1a – jacroc1999: http://www.divachix.com/usershopview_2266033_235.shtml
Hair 3: DB Jil – icing: http://www.divachix.com/usershopview_2282881_5345.shtml

Dress 4: 0303afrocentricg4 – jacroc1999: http://www.divachix.com/usershopview_2280276_235.shtml
Hair 4: Aurora Hair – candy_cane: http://www.divachix.com/usershopview_2272372_5343.shtml

Dress 5: SUMMER Pastel – lembowitz: http://www.divachix.com/usershopview_2273602_4669.shtml
Hair 5: Aimee Hair – candy_cane: http://www.divachix.com/usershopview_2296547_5343.shtml

Dress 6: randomgown1 – jacroc1999: http://www.divachix.com/usershopview_2287801_235.shtml
Hair 6: Star Hair – tatymemaw: http://www.divachix.com/usershopview_2293230_4671.shtml

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