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22 Jump Street

“22 Jump Street hits far more often than it misses, and even when it misses by a mile, the effort is so delightfully zany that it’s hard not to give Lord and Miller an “A” for effort.”Variety, Scott Foundas

If you have ever seen 21 Jump Street then you’ll already know what this movie is about. If not, this movie is worth the watch. It is very witty and hilarious. It is about 2 undercover cops who go on an assignment to find the source of a new drug at a college campus. The difference between 22 JS and 21 JS is that in 21 JS they were in high school; and that is pretty much it. Like I said before, it is a funny movie and if you haven’t seen the first one then you may enjoy this a little bit more than if you saw the first one.

Final Thoughts

Very funny but it is just too similar to the first one. In my opinion, I liked 21 Jump Street a lot more

Overall Score 3.8
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