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3 Lover Crimes

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Valentine’s day is a day many couples celebrate their love and care for each other, however, sometimes, this love turns deadly. We have made a list of the top 3 of these crimes!

1. Olympic and Paralympic runner Oscar Pistorius shot his own girlfriend in their home. Initially charged with manslaughter, but later this was overturned a for the full charge of murder for Reeva Steenkamp. At his trial, Pistorious repeatedly stated that he accidentally killed her when he believed someone had broken into their home, claiming self-defence.

2. Nathan Leuthold and Denise, his wife met a student while on a missionary trip within Eastern Europe and sponsored her immigration to the United States once she turned 18. Once the girl was in the US Nathan allegedly fell in love with her and killed his wife so that he could be with the student. His defence was that his wife had been the victim of a home invasion, but when looking at his computer the police found searches such as “how to muffle a gun,” “hitting someone over the head to knock them out,” and “lethal injection;” there was no self-defence claim at this point!

3. Lindsay Souvannarath and Randall Shepherd were going to execute a mass murder spree in Halifax in 2015, aiming to shoot up the shopping centre on the 14th. In this situation though, luckily no one was hurt because of Souvannarath’s social media – Before her arrest, Souvannarath was posting pro-Nazi, and photos on Tumblr, and tweeting things such as, “Valentine’s Day. It’s going down.” She and Randall Shepherd were charged with conspiracy to commit murder, Conspiracy to commit arson, conspiracy to use weapons for a dangerous purpose. Thankfully this time, someones excessive use of social media helped stop these deranged individuals.

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