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3D Printed Body Parts

Image credit: Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine

It’s a new dawn for science, but then again it has been since both science and technology started developing side by side.

Many of us have heard of the 3D printer and of its many uses, but have you seen the latest of this tech? It no longer solely makes objects, but also cartilage, bones and ears, which can eventually be transplanted into a human.

This 3D printer has been custom-built by researchers at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine with the purpose of making body parts to be used for transplants. So far the recipients have been rodents and with found success. Their main focus is the regrowth of organs and tissues from the lab, which once possible, can tackle on the shortage of organs for transplants we now have in many parts of the world.

Once again, science shows how outstanding it can be, showing us just another way of how to protect human lives.

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