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49 going on 30?

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The years go by and Pamela Anderson is emerging more and more rejuvenated. The sex symbol of the series “Baywatch” surprised us when she emerged at the Best Awards Gala in Paris with a look completely different from her past ones.

The intense tan and the loaded makeup that once marked her image gave way to a natural skin that makes her younger and more discreet. Even the hair, despite keeping the blonde light, is more subtle and less produced, accentuating a clean look.

From her old brand image, Pamela just seems to want to keep her necklines pronounced. In this event, the actress chose a gray dress by Vivienne Westwood, which highlights the famous curves of the Canadian star. At the gala, the actress’ work at the Pamela Anderson Foundation was recognized, as she is an active advocate for human rights, animals and the environment.

Doesn’t she look remarkable?

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