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5 DIY Beauty Tricks

Checkout these awesome and simple DIY beauty tricks!

Exfoliate with Kiwi Fruit
– Mash Kiwi Fruit into a bowl and apply to damp skin. The seeds help exfoliate your skin and Kiwi Fruit is jam packed with Vitamin C.

Heat Up Your Moisturizer
– Heat up your favourite moisturizer on the radiator. Apply onto damp skin. This will help sooth acing muscles.

Personal Sauna
– If you’re having trouble sleeping or need to relax before bed, turn your shower onto the hottest temperature possible for 20 minutes. This will also help clear any sinuses.

Improving Skin Quality
– Cut up some lemon slices and gently rub them onto the areas of your skin that are rough and dry. This will help soften your skin and improve the quality.

Rinse Your Hair With Beer
– Simply shampoo and condition your hair as you normally would and then rinse it off with a cold glass of beer. The yeast will add volume and shine to your hair.

What are your beauty tips and tricks?

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