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9JKL is a comedy about Josh Roberts (Mark Feuerstein). He used to be an actor on a TV show called “Blind Cop” and he got married and lived in a beautiful house with his wife… until his wife divorced him, and she kept the house. He decided to move back into an apartment he used to live in. The only problem is that Josh’s parents live in apartment 9J and his brother and sister in law live in apartment 9L. His apartment 9K is right in the middle of both apartments.

He’s got absolutely no privacy and his family knows no boundaries. He goes through lots of funny adventures all while living in the middle of his family. Want to find out what kind of what kind of funny adventures he goes through living with his family? Guess you will just have to watch it to find out!

Final Thoughts

This TV show is so much fun to watch. I totally loved it and it’s a perfect series to watch by yourself or with your family. I thought it was very hilarious. And at times, I could really feel for Josh when it came to his family. I have to say that I was not disappointed. It’s a fun and a great show to watch. I would definitely recommend watching this TV show. Have you watched his show yet? What did you think about it? Comment right down below.

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