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A Dash of Love

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A Dash of Love is a romantic movie about an aspiring chef Nikki Turner (Jen Lilley) who dreams of someday owning her own restaurant. Only now, she is without a job and on the search for one. She lives with her best friend Angela (Kandyse McClure) who works in the restaurant of Nikki’s idol, Holly Hanson (Peri Gilpin). Nikki has been trying to find her dream job as a chef, but she’s not having any luck. Until one night, Angela asks her to come by the restaurant. Nikki agrees and at the end of the night, she not only got a job with her idol, but she met someone of interest. She meets Paul Dellucci
(Brendan Penny), only she didn’t have his last name or his occupation. The next day on her first day at the job, she found out that he is the executive chef at the restaurant.

Nikki is so happy to be working with her idol, but she is not working as a chef at her restaurant, but as her assistant. Nikki has been working and then one night, Holly closed the restaurant while Nikki was still in. Holly didn’t realize that Nikki was still at work and went back to the restaurant because the censors went off. When Holly went back to the restaurant, she found Nikki in her kitchen and eating something. Of course, you can imagine that Holly got mad. Nikki explained and apologized to Holly and she let Holly try her meal. Holly tried to play it cool, but she loved Nikki’s dish so much that she offered Nikki the opportunity to cook sometimes in her kitchen, but she must tell no one. It will be their little secret. Little did Nikki know, that her idol the one she looks up to so much was up to no good. Holly wanted to steal all of Nikki’s recipes.

The Dellucci’s own a bakery where every day Nikki comes in and orders something. Paul is the son of Trish (Frances Flanagan) and Marty Dellucci (Eric Pollins). You could say that they are like Nikki’s friends or family. They know that Nikki’s dream is to own her own restaurant one day and they support her. Only, Paul is not close with his parents especially his dad.

Paul found out that Nikki is cooking in Holly’s restaurant kitchen. Eventually, Nikki explains everything to Paul that the idea came from Holly and Holly fires them both. Not only was Nikki devastated that she lost her job, but she also got Paul fired also. Will Nikki find out what Holly is doing? Will Holly be stopped? And will there be a happy ever after for Nikki and Paul?

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Final Thoughts

This movie is romantic. And also this movie brings an important message to us the audience. Never give up on your dreams. I have to admit that I loved watching this movie. I was not disappointed one bit. This is a must watch movie perfect for Valentine’s Day. Whether your single or not. I would definitely recommend watching this movie.

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