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A New Era For Barbie

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I’ll start by congratulating Mattel on this new step taken for their Barbie brand. This is an evolution indeed. Not for the dolls, but rather for the company.

For years now, many individuals have been showing discontent towards the Barbie dolls over their appearance, especially considering how unrealistic their body is and the effect it has on the young minds of our daughters. It harms their self image, as many try to look just like them.

I used to loved Barbie dolls growing up and always thought that I would be giving them to my daughters one day. However, as I grew older and finally had my kids, I made the decision not to give them Barbies. But now with the introduction of the new dolls, I am already planning on giving a few of them to my kids.

The 2016 Fashionista Collection, including the original, has four body types: tall, petite and curvy, with seven different skin tones. I am also loving the different facial characteristics. No longer do they all share the same nose or lips. A little girl can now surely find one that is more like her.

What do you think about the new dolls?

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  1. jennamazingg

    That’s crazy!! I knew other brands were becoming more realistic & making more real-looking dolls, but I didn’t think Barbie would ever get on board! Yay! What a positive impact this will have on the future of today’s little divas. I just love this!! (:

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