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Adele on the Legendary Hollywood Breakup

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To the world, the break up of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt shook their worlds. If this Hollywood couple could not make their marriage work, what other couple could? These thoughts and plenty else were swirling around social media.

Like Adele and many others however, their responses were the opposite. Their line of thought was more on the side of…

Who cares?!

If you are not one to keep up with Hollywood’s latest drama or actually realize that they are human beings like you and I, this break up probably did not impact you as nearly as much as it did others.

During her concert, Adele took the opportunity to express her sentiments. However, afterwards, she further explained her thoughts, saying the way media and the world was reacting to this news was ridiculous. Who are we to express our feelings about their relationship when it truly does not impact us? There is a hurting couple out there and suddenly some of us are just as sad and heartbroken over it?

All in all, we do wish the best for the couple and their children through this difficult time.

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