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Admins to the rescue!

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Sashka’s POV

Diva Chix was a place where you could come to after a long day’s of work to relax, play, and catch up with your friends. The last time I was truly able to do that was far too long ago. I admit I did not take this situation seriously at first, believing it was just a ten-year old somewhere who did not have anything else to do before he had to go to bed, but that did not seem to be the case anymore. Whoever it was had an actual vendetta against the site for whatever reason and was not letting up.

Sighing, I went back to the site to see if there was anything new. Of course I hoped for good news, but I knew that would not be the case.

Gossip Corner – The Common Room > Welcome, back!

Today at 9:50 PM – Posted by carrie07
Hi, again!

Although I did know that I prepared well enough to ensure I did not get caught, I’m still surprised that no one has come even close to trying to stop me. I mean, I’m glad of course but disappointed I don’t have enough competition! Oh well.

Aside from her stubbornness, her self-centered ways were aggravating. I opened up the Skype chat I had with the other admins. Everyone except Angie, who I still could not contact. I’m hoping everything is okay…

Skype > DC Admin Group

Molly: Is she not tired of this yet?
Carlie: How can you find enough time in your day to keep this up? I’m surprised she’s kept this going for so long.
Sylvie: Some people will do anything just to try and prove others wrong.
Molly: Any news, Sashenka?
Sashenka: Yes, actually. I’ve tracked down the computer and phone they’ve been using to sign in on DC. Took a painstaking amount of work with the viruses she’s been trying to throw my way, but I’ve finally got it.
Sashenka: She’s from America.
Molly: Can we narrow it down any further?
Molly: We’ve got something, but it will still take a while to find who we’re looking for.
Sashenka: I’m getting closer, hoping I can get some more info soon…
Sylvie: Oh, that’s good.
Carlie: Yes! I know we’ll get there soon.

The drama continues in the next issue of Pulse…

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