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Adult Colouring Book Pros

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I don’t know if you have been seeing them around as often as I have been, but these adult colouring books are significantly growing in popularity!

What has initially been associated only for children, is now being realized provides a lot of benefits for adults who decide to pick up one of these books. It can be a form of therapy as colouring brings upon feelings of relaxation. These have been around since 2012, but are being more widespread after they have been considered to be the current “trend.” The benefits have been compared to actual therapy. Although they may not help specifically target a part of your life or form a personal bond with a professional, they may help with anxiety, self-regulation and expressing yourself. It can also help you find something to focus on and help with stress.

Have you considered getting one of the books and trying it out for yourself? Or maybe you have seen someone in your life using one? What do you think about them?

4 Comments on Adult Colouring Book Pros

  1. benjamina

    Not only have I seen these, I actually color in them! They are indeed a great way to relax, I started coloring in them for anxiety relief, it works well for me. 🙂

  2. jennamazingg

    My husband & I color together when we can. (: It’s a positive experience for us, and it’s a great way to relieve stress. Plus, I just love quality time with my husband. We’ve got a couple coloring books each so far & manyyyy colored pencils & markers. Some of the books are extremely intricate though! It’s crazy.

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