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Pictures above: Sunset in Juneau, humpback whales, Stellar Sea Lions in Prince William Sound, North Pole, Alaska, and Aurora Borealis in the winter

Alaska is our 49th state. The name Alaska was derived from an Aleutian word alaxsxaq, which literally means the “object toward which the action of the sea is directed”.

Alaska has 591,000 square miles (375,000,000 acres) and is double the size of Texas. It also has the highest point, Mt. Denali, at 20,306 feet and the lowest point, the Aleutian Trench, at 25,000 feet below sea level. Some more tidbits are that Alaska’s nickname is The Last Frontier, the state flower is the wild Forget-me-not, the state fish is the King Salmon, the state bird is Willow Ptarmigan and the state capital is Juneau.

Alaska is a grand American vacation destination you don’t want to miss! There are many places you need to visit from Denali National Park, Alaska Railroad, Anchorage, Fairbanks, Far North, to Delta Junction-Copper Valley. There is so much to do like kayaking and rafting, visiting cultural and historic tours, festivals, museums, hiking and bicycling, camping, going on cruises, fishing, eating out at restaurants, enjoying the night life to shopping and sightseeing, wild life viewing and many winter activities such as dog sledding, Northern lights viewing, using a snowmobile and skiing.

The temperatures in Alaska during the summer range from 60-80 degrees F. Nighttime and early morning are cooler from 40-50’s. Late August and September find cooler temps and slightly fewer hours of sunlight.

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From all the research I have accumulated about Alaska, it is definitely a place I would visit and recommend to anyone.

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  1. terry35

    I do not need to visit Alaska… LOL!!! I live in this beautiful state… I live in a city called Fairbanks. The second largest city in Alaska. We are known as the Golden Heart City. Not only for our golden hearts of kindness, but also because we are the city in the dead center of the Interior of Alaska. Alaska is a BEAUTIFUL place to live and visit… I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone considering a trip to our wonderful state. See you here!!! 🙂

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