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Amazing Divas Guild

Owner: Catlover 64
Rank: 20
Founded: October 15, 2013
Members: 11
Trophies: 5

The Amazing Divas Guild was created on October 15th, 2013. I wanted to create a Guild that would be successful, build friendships with hard work but, at the same time friendly and fun to be in.

Our goals are like any Guild: to have members that are loyal, friendly and supportive in Guild related matters and doing their fair share in achieving Guild tasks. We do want to have fun but hard work got us to where we are today! We do reward our members with gifts, FGMOTM, challenges, and guild contests. Our latest added feature is picking a member that represents the Guild in ALL related matters (guild tasks, GOC, contests and just an all around player). We will call this award: Most Supportive Member of the Month (MSGMOTM)

We also help DC’s newbies and other Guild Sisters not in our Guild with gifts to help brighten their day and in our own special way, we play it forward.

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