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Amazon Prime

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Are you user of Amazon Prime? With the fast and free shipping, streaming of movies, and borrowing of books it is not a surprise that it has been stated by the CEO that there are 100 million+ users!

It has been found that the services is of great value that provides many of us great convenience through shipping random things off our shopping list right to our door. Whether it’s Q-Tips, food items, or electronics, you can find it on Amazon. In addition, there are discounts for students.

Do you use Prime? Or Amazon at all? Are you surprised?

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  1. thewanderlust

    my student discount lasted only a year (free for 6 months then 50% off for the rest of the year), but the advantages of having prime were so good that my family told me to keep it! honestly by now my family makes more use out of it than i do LOL

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