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American bride taken down aisle by man receiving her father’s heart

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Michael Stepien was killed in 2006 during a robbery. After 24 hours on the machines and without hope of recovery, the family decided to end the anguish and donate his organs. One of the beneficiaries was Arthur Thomas, who was waiting at home for a heart transplant for almost ten years and did not have much more time.

A decade after the operation that saved his life, Arthur Thomas has now received an unexpected invitation. Jeni Stepien, daughter of the man responsible for him still being alive, wanted to meet him during a special moment of her life: marriage.

She chose him to take her to the altar and that is what happened in the state of Pennsylvania, in the United States. “I thought he would be the perfect person because he has a piece of my father living within him,” said Jeni the Huffington Post.

After receiving the new heart, Arthur and Stepien family kept in touch by letters, but only met in person during the wedding.

After the groom proposed to her, Jeni suggested that he should write to Thomas for him to give permission.

With the popularity of her wedding news on social network pages, Jeni Stepien says she hopes to draw attention to the importance that organ donors have today in our society, as lives can be saved if people decide to donate their organs.

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  1. hada_sonadora

    This is such a beautiful story it really warms one heart.
    And it also raises consciousness about organ donations.
    The heart of one can give life to someone else. ♥

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