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Amethyst_eyes or, Malia, her real name, has been a Diva Chix member since 2010. Starting from there, she has been actively playing, battling and becoming one great and friendly player here on DC.

Sitting in the rank 31 (when this article made), she has lots of winning battles and guild points in Karmic Beauties, her guild right from the start, November 2010. Her collection of trophies are varied, from forum games to battle ladder. Way to go Malia!

Thank you for being part of Diva Chix Community!

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  1. amethyst_eyes

    WOW!! Thank you so much 🙂 This is a total surprise as I didn’t know anything about it! Or the Pulse cover. I’m honored and very happy to be a DC member and Karmic Beauties guild member/owner ♥ Malia

  2. sl2011

    Congratulations Malia, you really deserve this recognition you are a wonderful Guild Leader and a great friend and I am glad to say I am a part of your team!!:)

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