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Julia Roberts was elected the World’s Most Beautiful Woman of 2017.

The title, awarded annually by People magazine, consecrated the 49-year-old actress and she has already reacted saying she’s “very flattered” with the distinction.

The actress from ‘Eat Pray Love’ is modest when she is told she is beautiful and insists she felt “weird” when she was younger. She admits that she was far from imagining how much the participation in the movie “Pretty Woman” was going to change her life forever.

Julia Roberts, who is the mother of twins Hazel Patricia and Phinnaeus, aged 12, and Henry, 9, with her husband, Danny Moder, was given the title “Most Beautiful” in 1991 when she was 23 years old, one year after her success Of “Pretty Woman”.

The Notting Hill actress confesses that she could not be happier with her life.

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