Dirt, Drama & Dolls

Angie finally reveals the culprit?

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Angie’s POV
Angie was not sure how to react. Yes, she found out who this destructive user was, but she did not feel like celebrating. She was working alongside this user for years now and she did not know how to deal with the situation. It was only last year that she got a pretty nice promotion…

Gossip Corner – The Common Room > !?!?!?!?!?!

Today at 11:03 PM – Posted by hada_sonadora
What? You know who this is Angie? Who is it?!

Today at 11:04 PM – Posted by catlover64
Yes! Tell us! We’ll help you take her down.

Today at 11:08 PM – Posted by carrie07
She doesn’t know. Don’t get your hopes up.

Today at 11:10 PM – Posted by carrie07
No idea. At all.

Today at 11:10 PM – Posted by carrie07
At all.

Today at 11:10 PM – Posted by barbieken
Were all those extra posts really necessary? We get the point.

Today at 11:11 PM – Posted by _nattyproxen
Seems like someone’s losing their confidence… I bet you’re scared, Carrie.

Today at 11:12 PM – Posted by bittey
It seems that way doesn’t it! She’s scrambling!

Today at 11:13 PM – Posted by carrie07
Oh, please. I’ve been working on this for YEARS now. As if I would get revealed by anything but by my own terms! You’re all setting yourself up for disappointment.

Today at 11:14 PM – Posted by _nattyproxen
I’ve had enough of you.. let’s hear from Angie herself.

Today at 11:15 PM – Posted by mollym
She’s replying to the thread!

Today at 11:18 PM – Posted by angieluvboo
You’re all right. She’s grasping for straws now.

Want to know who “Carrie” is?
It’s *EDIT*

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