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Angie ready to strike back?!

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Apparently no one cares about me. Whatever. Feeling’s mutual!

Gossip Corner – The Common Room > !?!?!?!?!?!

Today at 9:28 PM – Posted by hada_sonadora
I was really hoping that Angie would have figured this mess out by now. It’s been what, over a year now?

Today at 9:29 PM – Posted by carrie07
Aw. It’s cute how much you all look up to her. What exactly did she do for you all to earn this much respect again?

Today at 9:30 PM – Posted by ayojasmine
What hasn’t she done? Not only is she running this site that’s created such a lovely community, but she’s been consistently improving it to make it even better and better!

Today at 9:32 PM – Posted by carrie07
Of course it’s easier to make it better. It’s not much of a site to begin with…

Today at 9:35 PM – Posted by ai982
I don’t understand why you have such a sour attitude towards us! If you don’t like dress-up sites then why are you here? There’s no reason to spread your misery here. Just give us back our site and we can all just go back to how it was.

Not to mention how ridiculously ignorant you are.

Today at 9:38 PM – Posted by carrie07
As if it was that easy! Of course I once liked this site. There’s a reason I’ve been playing all this time along. Anyways, I wouldn’t put my faith in Angie so much. Clearly she doesn’t have the ability to run this site if she can’t take it back from me!

Today at 9:40 PM – Posted by angieluvboo
But that’s what you think, Carrie. I’ve actually successfully figured out who you are. I’m one step ahead of you now.

Today at 9:42 PM – Posted by cupcakes297
omg! Who is it Angie??

Today at 9:43 PM – Posted by hada_sonadora
Yes! Tell us!

Today at 9:44 PM – Posted by carrie07
Go ahead, Angie. Although, despite what you think – you can never be one step ahead of me. Believe me. I have this all mapped out.

What do you think? Has Angie finally determined which staff member is destroying the site?!

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  1. beauty_chic

    I think Angie is a really nice person,,she runs the site great..i recently lost some coins and she helped me find them,,so before anyone starts to judge her or anyone else,,take a look in the mirror,,Are your Hands clean?

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