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“A couple begin to experience terrifying supernatural occurrences involving a vintage doll shortly after their home is invaded by satanic cultists.”

If you have ever seen The Conjuring, then this doll may look familiar to you. Annabelle is a prequel, of sorts, to The Conjuring. However, to see Annabelle there is no need to watch The Conjuring.

Annabelle is a doll that is from a rare set of other dolls. in 1970, a man and his wife are expecting a new baby, and the wife was designing a nursery for the baby and had been collecting dolls for this room.

Her husband had bought her Annabelle as a gift to put that finishing touch to the baby room. Meanwhile, there had been a murder-crazed couple running about their town killing people. The girl from the the killing couple dies, and her spirit possesses that doll and from then on has been reeking havoc on this tiny family.

This movie has had mixed reviews all over the place, some say it is one of best Halloween themed movies out there and others say don’t waste the money.

Annabelle is a paranormal genre’d movie so it has a lot of things that people have already seen from other movies, so it can get tiresome. However, it is not a cheesy type of paranormal like some, which is what makes some people in awe over it.

Final Thoughts

I liked this movie for what it is. In my opinion, I would not waste money seeing it in the theater. It has some intense parts but I didn't find myself creeped out like I expected. When I left the movie theater I couldn't really name a "scary" part.

Overall Score 4
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