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April Guild Happenings

What has been happening in the Guild world this month? Look below for some snapshots of April!

Hippie Sista’s Flower Power
This guild has posted a new contest up for all guilds to enter. As you may have guessed from the title, members are to dress their dollies in a floral outfit which goes nicely with this season! You still have time to enter as the contest closes on May 1st! Enter here!

Winners of The Guild Team’s Fifth Annual Spring Fling
Although we recapped the basis of this contest last week, we were not able to announce the winners as they were released shortly after! So without further ado, let’s once again congratulate the winners of this year!

CYO Category Winners
First place: cyncyn (Golden Girls) & cee (Fun N Fab)
Second place: satindoll317 (Deviant Divas) & bittey (Dress Up Challengers)
Third place: fox (Amazing Divas) & ravenstarz (Victorious Vixens)

Shop Category Winners
First place: stratosphere (Karmic Beauties) & 88mph (Bela and Mode)

Congratulate the winners and look at their breathtaking entries here!

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