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April News!

This month has not had as many competitions, but there were still plenty happening on the forums with the usual events on the main site.

Divamour 9: The Four Elements Trip finished this month and all of the entries were amazing to see, but like all competitions there can only be one winner. For a tie to second place we have the members firstlady113 and imnoangell99, and for the first place angel_mommy94. Congratulations ladies! Your entries were all simply stunning.

If you haven’t had the chance to congratulate them yet, you still have the chance to! The winners thread is right here.

The Pulse team has been searching for a new editor and we are now pleased to announce our new team member Rute aka fox! As of now she’s just a trainee so she has only a few articles written this issue! We are looking forward to all of the great articles she will be providing us! If you are interested in joining the team, send the admin, _xkilltonight a PM.

Despite how great this month was, I personally can’t wait for next month. Why you ask? Diva Chix will be filled with many, many activities. Yes, it is that time again… For those of you who are not in tune with the May events, I will not spoil the surprise.

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