April Shout-Outs!

I would like to give a shout-out to all my guild sisters! Especially, Alida, Uarda, and Cece1337 for all of the amazing GOC divas! You girls are amazing! BlackPawZ for being such an amazing leader,sister, and friend! I Love you guys! – ravenstarz

I’d like to shout out to my guild family!!! Guild of the month for the second month in a row!! Our guild’s second GOTM trophy ever! That’s something we ALL deserve a pat on the back for, and I love the people I get to go on this awesome journey with!!

& a big shout out to vicstalk too! I really admire her, as who she is in real life & I hope to someday be in her shoes!! You’re a strong woman.

Shout out to Mata_hari, as we’ve talked a lot lately & she’s a really great, caring person. & as everyone knows, she’s got some crazy talent too!! So, she’s clearly just an all around fantastic person that I’m more than happy to call a friend. (: – jennamazingg

Shoutout to my wonderful guild Karmic Beauties, The greast bunch of people ever!! I also want to shoutout to nicollette she is a very lovely and generous person. Thank you very much Nicollette!! 🙂 – sl2011

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