High Scorers

April’s High Scorers!

March 27th – April 2nd April 3rd – April 9th April 10th – April 16th April 17th – April 23rd
Battle Ladder Winner BlackPawZ Vergina ravenstarz nicollette
Biggest Battler nicollette nicollette ravenstarz nicollette
Hottest Diva SweetDiva nicollette prettyemilyleanne nicollette
Biggest Voter lacetasy ravenstarz ravenstarz medusa
Hottest Shop “Spectrum.” by pandaimeec “JACROC’S DOLLHOUSE” by jacroc1999 “JACROC’S DOLLHOUSE” by jacroc1999 “Witchy Woman Wardrobe” by hippie_chick
Staff Member of the Month _xkilltonight

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