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Are we at the end?!

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Gossip Corner – The Common Room > We’re back!!!!

Today at 9:24 AM – Posted by hada_sonadora
I still feel like this is all a dream! I can’t believe we’re actually all back.

Today at 9:30 AM – Posted by cee
I know what you mean! I’m so happy to have my diva back.

Today at 9:32 AM – Posted by liannefaye64
Absolutely! I just wish we were told what exactly happened. I’m still very worried that we can lose our site again any moment now. 🙁

Today at 9:36 AM – Posted by cee
You’re right.. I hope we find out soon.

Skype > DC Admin Group

Carlie: Do we have any plans to post a formal announcement yet? The members are getting anxious about finding out what has happened.
Sashka: We should soon. Although would help if we knew the details ourselves.

Angie has logged in.

Carlie: Angie, please tell us you’re here!
Molly: Angie?

Angie has left this group.

Sashka: That’s strange…
Molly: Hm, probably was a mistake.

Sylvie has logged on.

Sylvie: Glad to see you’re all here! I’ve been having such difficulties signing onto Skype.
Carlie: We’ve been very worried about you! Glad to hear from you!
Molly: Yes! Glad you’re okay!
Sylvie: Sorry for the scare! I feel so behind on everything that’s been going on. But I noticed that the site’s back up which I take as good news!

Skype > Important

Angie: Hey guys. Sorry for all the trouble. Please use this group chat from now on when discussing the site.
Sylvie: Why, what’s happened?
Angie: Turns out someone on our very own team cannot be trusted…

I can see the end! Turns out someone has not been added back into the main admin group chat. The question is… who? Make sure you return to our DC Soap Opera in the next issue of Pulse!

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