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Welcome to Aruba!

Located 15 miles north of Venezuela in the warm waters of the southern Caribbean, Aruba is home to beautiful white-sand beaches, 82-degree days and some of the warmest people in the world.

Aruba is only 19.6 miles long and 6 miles across. Since they are below the hurricane belt their climate is dry and rarely have a rainy day. This makes it a perfect destination!

On the south and west coasts of Aruba you will find Oranjestad, the capital city and miles of beaches that have been named as some of the best in the world. Here you will also find most hotels and all inclusive resorts and the airport, Queen Beatrix International Airport.

In the interior of the island you will find Arikok National Park, a desert like preserve filled with variety of wildlife, cacti and dramatic rock formations.

On the northeast coast along the windward shores you will find the island’s unofficial mascots, the Fofoti trees. The constant trade winds have permanently sculpted them in graceful forms.

There is so much to do on this little island, hiking, tours, golf, swimming, nightlife, spas, shopping, restaurants, wind surfing, wildlife, just to name a few.

Dutch and Papiamento are Aruba’s official language but Arubans speak at least four languages, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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This is a beautiful place to visit and would make a great place to have a wedding as it hardly ever rains. You will need your passport to enter this cute little island. English street signs makes it a great place to drive around yourself. Highly recommended destination!

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  1. hada_sonadora

    I love Aruba so much. I have been there many many times.
    And there is a lot to do.
    On my last trip we went to a Rock formation
    We went to the Aloe Museum
    We went to Palm Island
    And of course we went to the Reinassance Mall

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