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August Guild News!

On July 28th, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. EDT, the registration for Survivor was closed, and all guild members who were interested in participating had already entered their names for the battle. By August 3rd the first week of Guild Survivor, season XXVIII, started with a total of 11 participant guilds. And for this season there were a few changes made.

First there would be no perfume upgrades allowed. This to allow fairness for those members who can’t afford to purchase this upgrade, which lots of times puts them in a great disadvantage to those who can. And the second one is the two members per guild allow to enter, as a team, partners. And even though they can still play it like before, the catch is that by the end of the week their score would be added up, and the group with the lowest score would be eliminated.

At this moment we are the final week of Survivor with its final day being this Sunday, August 30th, and fighting for the title are the final 4 still standing guilds, which are the Little Darlings, Fun N Fab, Rising Stars, and the Amazing Divas. Which guild will take the title of the Ultimate Guild Survivor Partners? Any of these partners have the potential to do it. Their scores from last weeks was very close, having midnight_kiss and usagi from Little Darlings with a final score of 10370, anne-marie and duck from Fun N Fab with a total of 9387, caprincess25 and brandi22601 from Rising Stars bringing a 9137 total score and member razisg and firstlady113 from Amazing Divas with the final score of 9013. If interested to see the scores of the other contestants who didn’t make to the final week, they can be found on the Guild Survivor sub-forum.

Let’s help our survivors in the last phase of their journey by accepting their battle requests, sending them a word of encouragement on their profile pages and while in there also leaving them a small gift, or by sending them lots of battle request by going to the Survivor Candidates page on the main site. And don’t forget to check on Monday the 31st, to see which finalists became the Ultimate Guild Survivor Partners of season XVIII of Survivor.

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