August Shout-Outs

I would love to thank my guild sisters (DUC Fab) with all my heart for all the hard work completing tasks and entering GOC! You are all fabulous! HUGS!

I would like to thank the designers for all their wonderful designs, not just the ones on staff, but also my beautiful friends who design as well.

To all the staff on Diva Chix, I want to thank you all for a very successful Anniversary month! Couldn’t have done it without all your hard work! anne-marie

To anne-marie you’re simply awesome! A fabulous friend, co-owner, DC staff person, and Survivor- bittey

Thank you Jenna for being owner and getting out new guild together. love and hugs

Aimee thank you for all you do….You are awesome- candy_cane

to the Pulse team thank you for putting out the issues. They are great and I enjoy reading all. You work so hard and tireously koodos to you all-

The sisters of Victorious Vixens want to thank alida for being our survivor and coming in 1st place for us.

Hello I want to send a shout out to my BFF Jocelyn (Hippie_Chick) for all the love and support she’s give me inside and outside the game. God sent me my own personal angel the day I met her. Love and hugs always
Sista Shelle

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