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August’s Featured Guild: The Divanairs

One of the first things about the Divanairs I can state is we love to share!

Sweetie_pie, Mrstucker and I, Hopezapata, share guild ownership. It’s a great idea and it works for our guild. We express how important family is and always make sure we have fun on Diva Chix.

Of course rule #1: always have fun!

Eight out of our ten members own a shop which is really good. It is always nice to see the talent and beautiful designs our awesome members display. When Sweetie_pie released her beautiful dress collection Sassy, I remember seeing a DOTD Diva wearing her dress.

We support and encourage our members to the fullest on DC. “Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality” – Shawn Ashmore.

We hope to gain new members and invite any player to join our guild team. We have received seven first place, eight 2nd place and nine 3rd place GOC trophies. We love to enter GOC challenges and display our own creative styles.

“Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is just find it” – Diane von Furstenberg.

We also have a 3rd place trophy for Guild War. I love this accomplishment for our guild. We are proud of our members. Moving up in rank is a goal we have set for our guild and we hope to recruit new members.

We have became great friends and guild sisters. We thank you for this honor, we are excited and grateful to be Featured Guild of the Month. Our other guild members are: -Ells-, Carolbunnyx, Cutensassy124, Hannanaenae, Catattack, Eleatha and Typo.

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