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Autumn Mason Candle Jar

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Making your own Mason Jar centerpieces is a great fall craft idea. By using dried leaves, Mod Podge, and a mason jar, you will be on your way to creating your very own Autumn Mason Jar.

You are able to completely customize it to your personal style. Go outside and look for your best autumn leaves. By simply gluing the leaves to the jar, you will have a cute centerpiece for your table. Put in a tea light and you have a candle holder as well.

1.Dry beautiful, colorful fall leaves. Just lay them flat and let them dry for about a week or two.
2.Smear Mod Podge all over the sides of the jar. Do not apply Mod Podge to the bottom or the grooved lid area.
3.Place your dry leaf right on the Mod Podge and press in place. Brush over the leaf with more Mod Podge.
4.Continue adding leaves and Mod Podge until your jar is covered with leaves. You can overlap as you go.
5.Once you finish placing all the leaves on the jar surface, use the end of your brush to create a stippling pattern in areas on the Mod Podge that is NOT covered by leaves. This step will create a more pleasing pattern with the brush strokes when light shines through.
6.Let it dry for several hours or better yet overnight. Next, spray some acrylic spray to seal everything in. When dry, pop in your tea light in the bottom and you are done.

Final thoughts: This is a cute and easy project to do. They make great little gifts too!

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