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Last month, another season of DCA was hosted by our very own Community Team with the theme of “Life is a Beach.”

The DCA was held from 16th of August tll 31st of August and there were 16 tasks in total to complete.

DCA is task based contest which is open to all the members on Diva Chix. The tasks has a lot of variety as they may be from the main site, the forums, or the rest of the internet including some very fun flash games.

Want more information about this season of DCA? Simply click here.

Are you curious yet to see which tasks were given this season of DCA? Click here to find out.

This season of DCA has ended and the winners were announced.

Want to see the winners of this season of DCA Life is a Beach? Go to this thread.

So did you participate in this season of DCA? What did you think about it? Did your favorite entries win?

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School has started and DC wants everyone to attend school on DC also.

Yes, for the first time ever the Community Team is hosting a competition where you will get different assignments to do each week just like in school.

Each week you will get a reading, writing, and arithmetic assignment that you will have to complete.

Just like in school, no late assignments will be accepted.

How do you participate?
All you have to do is create a thread here: http://www.divachix.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=848
Then you can get started on your assignments.

Want more information about this new and fun competition? Simply click here.

So did you participate in this back to school DC style competition? What did you think? Comment right down below.

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