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Yes, this season of Survivor has ended.

They battled and only three survived.

The three survivor winners are:

1st place goes to alida from the Victorious Vixens guild.

2nd place goes to jacroc1999 from the Devoted Stars guild

3rd place goes to fragilebeauty from the Bela and Mode guild.

Congratulations to all the winners! I am so happy for you all.

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The Guild Team is hosting a party!

Yes, a party for all the guild members of Diva Chix.

The aim of this party is for everyone to have fun. There will be a trivia questions every day and the party has started since the 15th of September and it will end the 25th of September.

And not only is this a great way to chat with your guild sisters, but you can also chat with other guilds.

Want more information about this party? Simply click here to find out more.

So did you and your guild participate in this party?

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