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Balenciaga or Ikea bag?

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In late April, Balenciaga made news out of their latest fashion show. The label has launched several bags with a ‘unique’ style that reminds people of something similar from their daily life.

The item that people talked most about was the Blue bag. People have been talking
about the bag because the shape, color, and details, are too similar for comfort to Ikea’s own blue
shopping bag that most of us are familiar with.

The funniest part of this entire situation is when Ikea made a joke in response regarding the ‘originality’ of the bag. Ikea posted, “How to identify an original IKEA Frakta Bag.” What is so funny about this is the fact that Ikea made people aware about how versatile the bag is and the fact that it costs lest than $1 in comparison to the $2,145 Balenciaga bag.

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