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Banning Of Selfie Sticks

For many, the selfie sticks are a great invention that allows them to take better pictures of themselves wherever they go. Those following this trend by purchasing these sticks to experience this new way of self photography are unfortunately finding, that many business places are not agreeing.

Many museums across the world, Wimbledon, and a few other places have already banned the use of selfie sticks inside their premises, and now Disney is also doing the same inside of their theme parks and their reasons are the same. Safety concerns for their expensive art pieces to the well being of the public that visit their facilities.

With more and more facilities banning the use of selfie sticks, people can start losing interest in purchasing them which could have a negative impact on their sales. But on the other hand, in the many other places we can still use them, it may not have an impact whatsoever on the sales of this product.

Do you use a selfie stick? Share your good/bad experience below!

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