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Battling Bombshells

Battling Bombshells is a guild, built from the friendship of 2 DC members and has turned into an even stronger friendship amongst many members!

Because of how we’ve based the guild around friendship, we love to chat amongst each other & learn things we all might have in common. In doing so, we’ve learned that we’re a lot alike, but we’re also all so very different. We embrace that and love our differences though!

Our guild’s motto is “Where Friendships Ignite”, to go along with our theme, as well as the name of our guild, and I feel it suits us perfectly. From day 1, and until the very end, we will do all that we can to encourage communication amongst members to ensure that friendships can ignite indeed.

We reward A LOT, hold contests & are sure to recognize those who deserve the recognition, as well as make sure our members feel appreciated whenever we possibly can. BB has completely exceeded any and all expectations we could have for the guild, and we hope to continue to do so!!

Being a bombshell just means being an active, kind & friendly DC member. That’s it! & our guild family is filled with the sweetest, kindest divas around!!!

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