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Beaded High Heels

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This is a perfect project that is super easy and perfect for Prom or any other special occasion.

The supplies needed are high heels with a smooth heel area, enough “seed” type beads to cover chosen area, glue, a paint brush that you are willing to throw away, paper plate, and a bowl.

Put all the beads in your bowl and a large amount of glue onto your paper plate.

Paint a layer of glue on the smooth part of the heel, half the area at a time. Take a handful of beads and pour them over the wet glue area until it is completely covered with beads. Gently, put the beads onto the glue to secure them. Fill in any missing spots with beads.

Once the heel is completely covered, tap the beads to push them gently into the glue. Afterwards, clean the edges. Let the shoes dry for at least 48 hours.

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