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Beauty Resolutions for 2017!

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New years resolutions may not last, but here are some simple tips that will be easy to stick to, and will make a large impact!

1. Show off your favorite feature – By highlighting your favorite feature you encourage positivity, and concentrating on what’s right is better for your overall health.
2. Weekly hair masks – Taking the time to indulge in weekly hair masks and treatments are key to keeping your hair long and silky!
3. Carve out time for simple routines- anything from a nice hot bath before bed, using skin-care products, or even just lighting a candle to relax. Helping you centre yourself and prepare for the next day ahead!
4. Use more natural products – Its not only better for the environment, but your skin will thank you for it too!
5. Get your beauty sleep – it can be difficult to fit enough sleep into your routine, but all of your body thank you for it!
6. Drink more water – water is essential for everything our body needs, make sure you drink plenty of this a day!

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