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Beauty Review: H&M Beauty products

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Wearing H&M clothing is so usual, but how about their own line of beauty products? My first reaction was: ew, really? But here we go! I tried a few of the products from eyeshadows to lipsticks.

Eyeshadow: I love all the colors. But, I settled with the Mojave shade which is
kind of cool toned brown with shimmer on the side. The textures are light, with a compact package you can bring everywhere.

Powder blush: I bought one that was a light pink-rose with this rosy brown kind
of color. I love, love this color because it’s so natural and not too much.

Beauty lipstick: Most of the colors are toned down and natural. But I like
Brunette Ambition because it comes with a deep browny color but still in a natural pretty way.

Final Thoughts

Love it! Especially with the minimalist packaging.

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