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Beauty Tips For Prom you need to know

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Okay, so you know so many tips about how to look pretty and impeccable on the night of your high school Prom right? But, of course you also need to know tips that will prevent things from going all wrong for your beauty stash. Here is a list of tips you need to know! Read on.

1. To prevent an up-do meltdown, you need to stash a mini hairspray bottle and bobby pins for your purse.
2. Wear some foundation on your ears to prevent you looking two toned after dancing all night in your Instagram photo!
3. Two weeks before Prom, start use whitening products for your teeth to wipe any surface stains.
4. Dab some Vaseline on areas you use your perfume on so they can stay all night long.
5. Bring your own blotting paper so you can prevent that oily skin after dancing all night.
6. Brush your lips before using any lipstick and brush it with toothpaste to get rid of dry skin on your lips.
7. Start using cucumber for your eyes at least twice a week 3 weeks before the prom.
8. Use your perfume on your neck and hair because that’s where the perfume scent will stay longer.
9. Max out your hair volume with clarifying shampoo the night before prom.
10. Brush your nails with lemon to get shiny nails before prom. Do this once a week 2 weeks before prom.

Have you heard of any of these techniques or tried them out? Let us know below!

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There are so many beauty tips out there but these 10 tips are easy enough to do and remember!

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