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Benefit’s Posie Balm

Benefit’s moisturizing tinted lip balms come in four different colours as seen above. There is a light pink, purple, red and peachy-orange. I received a sample of this in a Benefit set and it’s nearly done, so here are my thoughts!

Of course this will depend on how pigmented and what colour your lips are, but the light pink that I have, “Posie Balm” is definitely adding colour to my lip. Unfortunately this colour is not flattering whatsoever on me (so I wear it around the house instead, super lightly, or underneath something else). It is absolutely moisturizing though, and I find that it is very long lasting and stays on the lips for a few hours without having to reapply.

The only drawback I found was that the colour got stuck on my lips if they were dry, understandable, but I found it a little ironic that I had to make sure my lips were not chapped prior to applying a lip balm. But I guess that’s what you get if it’s tinted!

The packaging is also very adorable but the price is a little steeper compared to a drugstore chapstick, especially considering this is from Benefit. It also has a really nice floral scent, but if you get irritated by that perfume-y flower smell, this might not be for you.

Final Thoughts

If you are not a lip stick lover or are looking for something more natural, try out these balms! They provide a nice touch of colour without being too dramatic, and will not dry your lips out.

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