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When I first saw a preview for the series Black-ish I was a bit skeptical. It was supposed to be about a successful black family living in the suburbs, with the father concerned about his black family been too assimilated.

The first episode had a good start, but not enough for me to put this one on my watch list at first. As the season progressed it got funnier and funnier, and now it’s definitely on my watch list. When you think that there is no way the writers can top the latest episode, they surprise you once again. The stories are not just funny, they can loosely relate on some level with some of us. And I have seen some episodes more than once and they were just as funny as the first time I saw them.

The cast is phenomenal, and my favorites so far are the twins. Diane Johnson played by Marsai Martin and Jack Johnson played by Miles Brown. These two are a breath of fresh air. The other two kids are Zoey Johnson the popular student, played by Yara Shahidi , and Andre Johnson Jr. the “nerdy” one, played by Marcus Scriber. The lead characters are Anthony Anderson as Andre “Dre” Johnson Sr, a successful African-American advertising executive, and his bi-racial anesthesiologist wife Dr. Rainbow “Bow” Johnson played by Tracee Ellis Ross.

We also have Laurence Fishburne as many of you may know as Morpheus from “The Matrix”, on the role of Dre’s father, “Pops” Johnson, who was once married to Dre’s crazy mother, Ruby, played by Jenifer Lewis.

I must say that Black-ish is definitely a must see if you enjoy a good, clean comedy. And with the show now renewed for a second season, this bliss will be continued for a while.

Final Thoughts

We all need a comic relief in our lives, and this show is the right amount of funny.

Overall Score 4.6
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