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Black Suede Boots

I was on a particularly long phone call and was seated on a bench on campus. While I was chatting with my friend who was in deep distress, I could not help but notice a common pattern I was seeing with the girls walking by me. They all were wearing variations of black suede boots!

I’m not sure if it’s simply the classiness of it, but I noticed that these girls were sporting booties or taller boots that were all black and made with suede. Sure enough, if you had looked at what I was wearing, I was wearing black suede booties as well.

These shoes are likely to be a great pairing with whatever you are wearing. The length is up to your own preference, but they appear to be a staple item, just like the little black dress! Not to mention how ideal it is for our current spring-like-yet-still-slightly-cold weather.

Do you have a pair? (Or more?!) I myself have two variations of black suede booties, one with a pointed heel and the other with a wider heel.

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