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Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert Split

You have probably heard about the divorce after four years between the two country singers earlier this month, coming as a surprise to many.

Of course as fans we do not know the full details of their lives, but many are insistent that the news of this is devastating because of how “perfect” they were together. On the other hand, we have those who are eager to get really personal into their lives, wondering whether or not Blake or Miranda had cheated on the other. As if these two did not have enough to deal with already!

The divorce was finalized quickly and as many agree with, was not exactly foreseen by the two. Although we do not know the exact reasoning behind their decision, we can respect that they did it considering what was best for everyone involved. They have asked for privacy and that is the most and only thing we should do during this emotionally draining process. We wish them the best of luck in their journey from here on out.

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