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Blue-headed bear spotted

Imagine driving down the road when you suddenly spot a black bear strolling on the fields beside you. This might not be so unusual depending on where you live, but when it’s sporting a bright blue head, you might feel more obliged to stop and stare!

In British Columbia this month, a man was was on the highway when he found a female black bear who’s head was a brilliant shade of blue. After capturing the bear in action on video, he made sure to contact the conservation service to report his finding. It has been determined that the bear is in good health, and that further action will not be necessary. While it has not been confirmed, it is assumed that the bear stumbled upon some kind of blue dye or paint and accidentally covered its fur with the substance. As it is only on the surface, it is bound to have its natural, black fur return soon.

Thankfully the bear was in no immediate danger and we had someone caring enough to check up on it! Have you heard of the news? Or had an experience yourself where you had to call for help for an animal?

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