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Blue Velvet Nails

What you’ll need

– A blue polish
– Blue flocking powder (I think you can find at craft stores)
– A soft makeup brush
– A paper towel


1. Paint your nails with one coat of blue nail polish, allow to dry.
2. Apply a THICK second coat and then use your fingers to put the powder on your wet nails.
3. Gently pat down on each nail about 2 times and allow 15 minutes to dry.
4. Take your makeup brush to sweep off any excess powder and use a wet paper towel to clean up the rest.

Final Thoughts

I think this nail look is SO cute, however I don't think this is one that will last you a long time. It would be cute for a few days and as long as you take lots of pictures, everything should be fine!

Overall Score 4.3
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