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Bluesky UV Gel Starter Kit

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I have wanted my own Gel nail kit for a while, my ex’s mum and my best friend have both got one, and I used theirs whenever I could. I love shiny, fresh looking nails, and normal paint does not cut it for long. Being a student, I can’t afford to get mine done professionally as often as I’d like!

During the Amazon prime sale I saw BlueSky UV gel starter kit on sale. This kit has a top and base coat, plus three colours and finishing wipes.

I have found that this kit is amazing! It lasts for around 7 – 12 days I found, and even then, usually only 1 or 2 nails peeled off (not chipped!) so if you were still liking the colour, you could just top up the one missing nail!

To remove the gels all you have to do is soak the nails in acetone (or nail polish remover with acetone in it!) or alternatively put acetone/nail polish onto a cotton wool pad place over the nail and then wrap in foil, allowing you to move around still.

To be honest, the price is good for the starter kit; the nail polishes do not cost any more than a normal nail polish does (cheaper than some decent brands!) so it is a great buy! The only negative aspects I have about this is that you get three random colours, with no choices. I was very lucky and got three colours I actually liked, but I did have to buy another one alongside the kit, just to make sure I had at least one colour I liked!

The other negative is some colours require more coats than others, meaning sometimes it takes half an hour to forty-five minutes to paint your nails; you have to weigh up if this outweighs the negative.

Personally, I love it!

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Final Thoughts

This may be a fairly expensive first charge (£40-£50 GBP) but as it lets you use it multiple times before it runs out, it ends up being only a few £ per use. It is a lot cheaper than if you were to get gels done weekly, professionally!

Overall Score 4.4
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