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The Design Team has travelled back in history to the Renaissance period for their new Boutique release! The 14th – 17th century pieces are scheduled to be released on Saturday, August 23rd at noon EST.

The Boutique collections are known to sell out VERY quickly, so be sure to not miss out on these highly coveted items!

Here is where you can go when it’s time for the RENAISSANCE fun: http://www.divachix.com/boutique.shtml
Happy shopping!

10 Comments on Boutique RENAISSANCE!

  1. Gwendolyn7777

    The collection is awesome! The Design Team does outstanding work and always amazes me with their creativity! I especially liked the jewels of this collection.

  2. terry35

    Love the collection… Spent almost 600 coins on it alone… LOL!!! Lost count after 500 something coins… LOL!!! I love the Renaissance… SO this is the PERFECT collection DC came out with for me… LOL!!! 😀

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