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Braided Neon Cord Belt With Rhinestone

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. Wire
. 1 Brooch
. Hot glue- or another type of glue of your preference
. 9 pieces of neon cord – each piece should measure double your waist length


1. Bunch all of the 9 cords and wrap the end tightly with the wire.
2. Glue its ends to prevent them from slipping out of the wire.
3. As soon as the glue has dried, group the strands by 3 and start braiding.
4. Once you are done with the braids and the belt is in your chosen length, cut the excess and repeat step 1.
5. Now for the finishing touch! Grab the brooch and pass the pin under the wires from each end and through the cord. Close it, and voila. A simple yet beautiful belt.

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